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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  January 16, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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temperatures in the teens and 20s to start off the morning. lots of sunshine. no shortage of that. later in the afternoon, temperatures will be in the lower 40s for our afternoon highs. 25 in downtown, 18 with winchester. it is cold out there. the wind chill feels like single digits. feels like 9 degrees out there. a little milder, low 40s, breezy. rain by tuesday.
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>> good morning, everybody. things are looking good on this mlk, holiday. it is very cold, you are going to need to heat up the car. inside the beltway you are doing fine into the northeast corridor. we'll take a live look at the beltway in college park. no problems as you travel around 95 and through silver spring. fingers crossed if that. here in virginia there is one accident involving a tractor trailer. a live look on the left side of the road. northbound is unaffected. coming up an update on area roadways. this morning police are looking for parents of a baby found abandoned in northeast dc. a newborn was discovered on a front porch overnight when the temperatures were hovering in
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the teens and 20s. delia has more. >> reporter: this is a horrible story. dc police confirm to us this was a baby girl found on the porch here on chang street. she was taken to children's hospital. five miles away from this area. the baby was found take a look on the porch of the white house. however the homeowners didn't discover the baby. look at video shot overnight on the scene. the folks who discovered this infant on that porch with two doors down neighbors who called police after finding the babies. police won't confirm the condition of the baby. we don't know how long the baby was here. we are told by sources here on the scene the baby could be in
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critical condition at the hospital. however that is not confirmed by police nor authorities at the hospital at this very early hour. there was a very frigid night. dc has a safe haven law that allows a parent to drop off an infant at a hospital, fire station or police station. that didn't happen here. i can tell you the nearest police station is literally a couple of blocks down on channing street. back to you. delia will update us throughout the morning. alexandria police is
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investigating a crash that killed an eight-year-old boy. near the 395 overpass. the child's mother is being be treated but is expected to survive her injuries. and came to rest against the guardrail along 356789 investigators have not announced whether the 22-year-old driver will face charges. fairfax county reported oillets first homicide this year. 22-year-old rea leslie was found dead inside a home. her roommate, 22-year-old benjamin walker has been charged with murder. later this morning, there will be a wreath laying ceremony at the new memorial for martin luther king jr. hundreds of people made their way to the memorial on what would have been king's 83rd birthday. he said americans still face
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civil rights challenges. the quote is important for future generations to understand his legacy. we have to remember to be challenged somehow deep into the depths of his soul. because we are an incredible nation. i'm sure when this is done, everyone who comes will understand who and what martin luther king jr. meant. interior secretary cent salazar has ordered the quote to be fixed. today's king celebration event includes a prayer breakfast and interfaith service and day of community service. time for the latest. jessica doyle is here with a look at gas prices. this is not good news for your car or wallet. we haven't seen any relief at
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the pump this january. aaa says both gasoline and crude ole prices are at historic highs for this time of the year. that could mean we are headed into what could be a volatile year. the gas is up 11 cents. there is optimism out there the use economy is recovering. traders return and expect to see more investor reactions. standard and poor's is downgrading governments. on friday, the dow lost about 49 points. nasdaq gave back 14. delta airlines making a bid
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to take over american airlines according to the wall street journal. u.s. airways and private equity firms may try to clip delta's wings. the companies declined to comment on the report. it is interesting all this is going on just as the airlines are starting to make more money. so it is getting more attractive to own american. five expenses busting your budget. we are going to go through them and give them rule of thumb about what you should be paying. thank you jack. the field of republican presidential candidates is getting smaller. that story is coming up. engineers says one of the most toxic pieces of space junk to fall back earth. and the ravens talk about their return to the championship
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good morning. happy monday morning. a lot of kids have the thai off. up to pile on the layers as you are heading out this morning. temperatures are in the teens and 20s at this hour. feeling like single digits in the wind chill. early this morning, temperatures only in the 30s through noon. then by 3:00, partly to mostly cloudy conditions. temperatures in the lower 40s. here's monika with your timesaver traffic. >> no hov restrictions to worry about. there is one accident sub of i-95.
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involving this tractor trailer with crews on the screen. coming up in my next report i'll update you. andrea, back to you. making news now. italian rescue officials say a sixth body has been found in the wreckage of the costa concordia cruise ship. the ship ran aground friday night off the coast of tuscany. the captain has been arrested but he is blaming faulty maps for not showing the area. looks like one fewer candidates in the presidential race. jon huntsman plans to drop out. aides say he will endorse mitt romney for president. huntsman placed thirty third laugh we can, despite exhausting much of his pham pain funds. russian military officials
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sill a failed probe crashed. the focus ground was one of the heaviest and most toxic pieces of space junk ever to crash to earth. after extensive searches, two fugitives are now in custody. where police caught serial home invasion suspects synergraft and the highway as break their big east losing streak. it has a little something for everyone. stay with us.
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good morning. wind chill factors down to the single digits in some locations. a bit milder for this holiday. especially compared to the weekend. milder and wet for your tuesday, dry and colder for the middle of the week. here's a look at your satellite radar pick. you can see clear skies out there.
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currently 25 in downtown. 16 inn manassas. it feels like 21 in downtown. look at gate ners. 9 degrees. manassas in the teens. a very cold start to the morning. here's a look at your futurecast. lots of sunshine. high, thin clouds coming in late this afternoon. a wet commute for your tuesday morning. a half inch by afternoon. we'll start to dry out by tuesday. lower 50s downtown. 92 please. 5 in frederick. -- in fredericksburg. milder tomorrow wet. wednesday cold and breezy.
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37 partly cloudy can't. here's your 7-day outlook. temperatures cold through thursday. friday we warm things back up in the lower 40s. here's a look at your traffic. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. it is a holiday. that means traffic is moving very well around town. usually during the rush hour, you'll find two-way traffic remember today. we'll take you around town first of all to the south side where there has been a long standing accident on the southbound side of i-95. after 234. let's take a live look at the tractor trailer on this side here. emergency crews arrived on the southbound side. northbound lanes are open getting by this accident.
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at gainsville all the way over to the beltway, look at the american legion bridge, no problems between bethesda and coming up in my next report, another update on area roadways at 52:00. back to you guys. if your afc team is the ravens your super bowl dreams are still alive this morning. another one goal victory. highlights coming up in sports. first another look at our question of the day. it happens 2.5 billion times a day in the united states. yet 0% of adults can't do it. send an e-mail, send a text message or check voice mail andrew cole wrote b. log onto the wusa 9 facebook fan page and receive -- leave
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too many. get out all the winner accessories on this monday morning. 5:21. lots of sunshine out there. temperatures in the 20s by 58. only 29 degrees at noon. breezy conditions in the south. 37 degrees. we top out in the low 40s by late this afternoon. increasing clouds and the rain arriving late tonight. mike and andrea. back to you. a successful sunday for a couple of area basketball teams. the ravens are one win away from reaching the super bowl . dave owens has highlights. good morning, everybody. ravens texans. on paper it looked to be the most lopsided of the playoff
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round. they were a perfect 8-0. >> ray lewis. we must protect this house. >> ravens taking advantage of a short field after texans turnovers. an i don't know bolden had a big day. foster 132 yards, 17-13. fourth quarter t.j. yates taking a shot. ravens holding on 20-13. we nigh it was going to be tough. >> the playoffs, it is winning by anyway possible. the cats taking on
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carolina. cats win it 2-1. maryland hosting georgia tech. maryland wins. telewin 6-48. that is going to do it for your sports this morning. i'm dave owens. have a great monday, everybody. coming up. the discovery a newborn left outside in subfreezing temperatures. we'll preview today's activities around the martin luther king jr. memorial on the
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national mall. southbound, a tractor trailer accident with emergency crews on the scene blocking the left lane. coming up in my next report. more on that in other area roadways at 5:29. you are watching 9news now. ♪
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good morning and welcome back to 9news now. i'm andrea roane. happy martin luther king day. it is monday. i'm glad you are here. i'm mike hide are are -- mike hydeck. i'm glad a lot of people had the thai off. the kids are going to be sleeping in. temperatures in the teens, feeling like single digits out there. definitely up to layer up. pile it on. because it is a cold one out there much colder than we are used to. here's a look where temperatures will only be in the lower 30s.
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lots of sun sign this morning. high pressure will be moving off the coast. lots of sunshine definitely bring out your sunglasses if you are going to be out and about driving. fields like 21 in downtown. 16 manassas. oakland feels like 0. highs for today lower 40s in downtown frederick and hagerstown, 41 degrees. good morning, everybody. things are looking fine on this mlk holiday. if you have to go to work you can give yourself a little extra time to warm up the car and then head out the door.
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where you usually see traffic loading up this morning i think you'll be absolutely fine. i need to give you a heads up about one tractor trailer accident southbound so i-95. let's take a live look here. planning to head southbound a tractor trailer accident in the left lane. a quick look at some video. capital south closed until tomorrow and it should open in time for tuesday's rush hour. more on area roadways come up at 5:39. andrea and mike. this is the first martin luther king jr. holiday since the opening of the them moral on the national mall. king's son, martin luther king third spoke at yesterday's
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ceremony. on what would have been his father's 83rd birthday. hundreds braved the cold to watch a replaying of the civil rights movement. and they sang happy birthday. today's events feature a community service prayer breakfast and interfaith church. dc police are trying to figure out who left a baby on a porch in below freezing temperatures. we have seen temperatures in the teens and 20s this morning. the infant was found on channing street on the front porch of the house. delia is live with more. this is just harry potter breaking. it is a terrible story for any parents or anyone out there. it just breaks your heart at
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this point. we are just a couple of blocks away. police are now confirming to us at this hour the baby was a girl, taken from here to children's hospital. the baby, we can tell you, was found check it out. that white house the with the black shutters and this white picket fence. on the steps. let's look at video taken here at the scene when this child with his found around midnight. the folks cho discovered the baby do not live in the home, but our neighbors live two doors down. sources on the scene, this very early morning believe the child may be sadly in critical condition as you know and as you had mentioned mike, very frigid temperatures overnight.
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we don't know if the baby was bundled up at all. and just how long this baby was out here on the front steps before being discovered by neighbors here. a lot of unanswered questions at this point. how long was the baby here? how is the baby and who left the baby here. beknow dc has a safe haven law where parents can leave a baby at a police station hospital fire station without penalty or any questions asked. and there is a police station just a couple of blocks down the road here. still the baby was left here. currently at the hospital, baby girl. we will have the latest coming up in a half hour for you. thank you delia. this is a sad, sad story. the man suspected in a spring of home invision
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robberies and assault is back in maryland. 33-year-old kevin ray is now in custody of montgomery county authorities. ry was arrested saturday in kitty hawk, north carolina. he is suspected in two home invasions and one in prince george's county. another man that was on the run for awhile suspected of flashing nine young women has been arrested in peru. the 40-year-old is being held in lima after ish ewing an arrest warrant for him. they discovered last month he had returned and they are now working to get him extradited back here. this we can the national park service plans to respond to a letter from dc mayor vincent gray. gray is asking the occupy protesters be removed. the mayor says he wants them moved to freedom plaza because
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of legalling and sanitary concerns. protesters tell 9news they plan to fight any attempts to move them. breath locations are park service land and under its jurisdiction. dc defense attorneys sandy jameson says there will be a plea teague deal in this week in harry thomas jr.'s case. james garvin will plead guilty. marshall banks pleaded guilty friday to helping cover-up the theft of government funds. court documents say banks and
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if you haven't started, start today and do what you can. good advice. experts who predicted an easy win for a disney remake at the movies got filed.
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good morning. time now 5:40 on your monday morning. it is cold out here. i have my gloves on and definitely want to layer up as you are heading out the door. temperatures in 20s and teens this morning. only in the low 30s by 9:00. lots of sunshine. breezy throughout the day. winds out of south. 25 degrees at reagan national. here's monika with your
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timesaver traffic. >> i have been telling you about this longstanding tractor trailer after route 234. northbound lanes are open. more on this and other area roadways. at the movies some hollywood insiders were surprised at the film that topped the box office. >> it is contraband. mark wahlberg plays an international smuggler. then is dragged back in to fix a deal gone wrong. disney's new release of beauty and beast, mission impossible hanging in there. joyful noise disappointed with its fourth place debut. we'll tell you who won last night at the golden globes.
5:42 am
another presidential candidate is quitting the race. dr. laura 65, debbi allen is 62, and singer is 53. supermodel kate moss is 38. albert pujols is 32. joe flacco turns 27 today. maybe he'll smile.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now on this monday morning. 5:45. annie is in for howard bernstein this week and she starts us off on a frosty note. it is cold out there. we are talking temperatures in the teens down to single digits. very cold. definitely pile on the layers.
5:46 am
the gloves the hat the scarf. everything. you are going to need it. >> your 180s. here's a look at our michael and son weather camera on this monday morning. it is the mlk holiday. clear skies out there. a beautiful shot of the capital. lots of sunshine today. temperatures around 25 degrees in downtown. feels like 21. winds will pick up. only in the 30s, no shortage of sunshine throughout the day. temperatures topping out in the lower 40s. it is a little milder compared to the weekend highs. cold this morning. bundle up. a bit milder for your mlk holiday. check out the memorial. mild and wet for tuesday. in the middle of the week it
5:47 am
will be dry and colder once again. we'll see an area of pressure. feels like 21 in gate ners. 18 degrees in orange. la plate ta feels like 1 dealings out there. we'll sea showers arriving late tonight. a slight chance along the blue ridge and out west of the give video. i have night not as bad.
5:48 am
futurecast for tuesday morning a wet commute. plan on florida. otherwise the rain pulling out of here in the afternoon. temperatures today low 40s in downtown. temperatures mild tuesday. wednesday around 37 degrees. a bit colder but breezy. partly cloudy conditions. the weekend milder, 50s and 60s by sunday. we are going to take a look first on the south side of town, where there has been a long standing accident on the southbound side of 25. a live look here now where you can see emergency crews are on
5:49 am
the scene. northbound the lanes on are open. by the way. westbound route 606 between route 28 and the dulles greenway, there is a fire and that stretch is closed off. a quick look live if you are planning to head interest the district no problems here pennsylvania avenue downtown. come you up in my next report another look around the area at 6:00. in campaign 2012 the field of republican presidential hopefuls will get a little smaller today. jon huntsman will drop out and throw his support to mitt
5:50 am
romney. the former utah governor will make it official in south carolina. nearly a week after he finished third in new hampshire's primary. >> let's not draw too many conclusions. he always admitted expectations in south carolina were low. a recent poll showed him with only 4% support. putting him behind even comedian steven colbert. but huntsman's endorsement may not help romney where he needs it most. >> rick san tomorrow is going
5:51 am
after that vote. over the weekend a group of social conservative leaders decided to back him as the romney alternative. newt gingrich was their second choice. searchers in massachusetts have found two bodies from a small plane crash sunday on cape cod. the bodies were washed onto the beach. the four seater airplane went down after the pilot reported sunoco in the cabin. one of the four men who accused former syracuse university basketball assistant coach bernie fine of sexual abuse is now recanting. in a letter, he wrote he lied to police to get back at fine for
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not helping him to fight his burglary conviction. an update on a story raft woke. a russian tanker has reached alaska with its emergency fuel shipment. this is video showing the coast guard out cutter breaking the ice. the tanker is moored about a half mile offshore. our question of the day is it happens 2.5 billion times a day in the united states. 20% of adults can't do it. send an e-mail, send a text message or check voice nail. >> one of our facebook friends said c, check voice mail. you'll want to be a part of our facebook family.
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good morning everyone. time now 5:56 on your monday morning. happy millipore ming day. temperatures are cold out there in the teens and 20s. only getting to the 30s by 9:00. lots of sunshine throughout the day, but increasing clouds in the afternoon. partly to mostly cloudy cons.
5:57 am
temperatures topping out in the lower 40s. showers arriving late tonight, midnight and overnight. back to you guys. oscar nominations come out just over a week from now. perhaps we got hints last night of possible winners at the golden globe awards. >> george clooney and meryl streep will need to have speeches ready. >> reporter: the artist won three awards. including wet picture and best actor. he gave a clever nod to silent film.
5:58 am
>> i have four nominations and will probably lose them all. in hollywood the golden globes are considered a hint as to what might win an oscar. many believe meryl streep will win after her portrayal of  margaret thatcher. >> i the got to drive miss daisy, be the president of the united states and even god. for many celebrities. >> the golden globes serve as a sort of high schoolly wood
5:59 am
reunion everyone feels like a star. proving everyone can strut their stuff on the red carpet. good morning. and thank you for watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. glad you are here. i'm mike hydeck. howard is off today but an if i hong is here. weather first it is cold. >> it is cold. you want to bring out all the winter we would you have good. temperatures if the 20s and attorneys. without winds at 10 to 15 punishment lots of sunshine if you are working today or maybe you are


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